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Known as the most expensive horse race in the world, the Saudi Cup is a prestigious event, attracting viewers from all around the globe. 


Imagination were tasked with producing the welcome dinner for this monumental event, where the Saudi Cup itself would be revealed. There was a fashion show and live entertainment, showcasing Saudi Arabia’s vision of the 21st century and beyond, alongside embracing the country’s rich culture and heritage.

Prior to the reveal of the Saudi Cup, a sand artist took guests on a journey of the Saudi people’s strong, ancient bond with the beautiful Arabian horses. This lead beautifully into a piece of motion work, accompanied by surround sound. Golden particles interlaced through and around horses legs to the sound of thundering hooves, eventually outlining the cup before the kabuki drop.


It was a very exciting project to be a part of and it’s a fantastic feeling knowing that the visuals created contributed the reveal of something so special.

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